Speed to Vacuum Defined

Flow is the volume of air displaced over time. We measure flow in liters per minute (l/min.)

Think of flow as the speed at which air molecules are being evacuated from the suction canister. The faster those molecules flow from the canister, the faster vacuum strength will build.
Larger suction canisters naturally contain more air molecules than smaller canisters. So if you want SuperFast Ramp-Up then use smaller suction canisters whenever possible. It’s science.
Medela Flow Rates
The Medela Vario Pump has a low flow of 18 l/min.
The Medela Basic Pump has a flow of 30 l/min.
The Medela Dominant Flex has “flexible” flow settings. You can select 40, 50, or 60 l/min.
The Medela Dominant Flex when set to 60 l/min with a 1500cc canister reaches high vacuum (60kPa) in 4.6 seconds. And that’s what we call SuperFast Ramp-Up!