Basic Suction Pump


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Unpacking & Assembling the Basic

Here you will walk through unpacking and assembling the Basic suction pump.

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Included with Basic Portable (0710000):

  • Basic portable pump
  • Test protocol
  • Reprocessing guide 
  • Instructions for use
  • Hex key
  • Power supply cord
  • Integrated carrying handle
  • Overflow safety device (0770711)
    • Suction jar (0770125)
    • Lid for safety canister with overflow protection device (0770450)
    • Silicone tubing with 2 coupling pieces (0770922)

Not Included, Need to Order Separately:

  • Fluid collection canisters (liners if choosing disposable)
  • Patient suction tubing with connectors, sterile (0770965)

What are the item numbers of Basic?

Basic rack                         0710001
Basic portable                   0710000
Trolley                               0710034

How do I order a mobile version of Basic?

Simply choose the rack version
e.g. Basic rack           077.0001
And add the trolley    077.0034

What are the dimensions [mm] of all types of Basic?

Pump W H D Weight [kg]
Rack version 305 210 375 9.3
Portable version 305 285 375 9.5
Rack + trolley 510 985 470 16.0

What is the power consumption of Basic?

Basic 50W

What is the noise level of Basic?

Measured at 1m distance in a representative room at Medela:
Basic max vacuum 36.3 dB(A)