Dominant Flex Suction Pump


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What are the item numbers of Dominant Flex?

Dominant Flex rack          0710003
Dominant Flex portable    0710002
Trolley                               0710034

How do I order a mobile version of Dominant Flex?

Simply choose the rack version
e.g. Basic rack           077.0001
And add the trolley    077.0034

What are the dimensions [mm] of all types of Dominant Flex?

Pump W H D Weight [kg]
Rack version 305 210 375 9.3
Portable version 305 285 375 9.5
Rack + trolley 510 985 470 16.0

What is the power consumption of Dominant Flex?

Dominant Flex 120W

What is the noise level of Dominant Flex?

Measured at 1m distance in a representative room at Medela:

Dominant Flex
40 l/min max vacuum 37.8 dB(A)
50 l/min max vacuum 38.4 dB(A)
60 l/min max vacuum 39.8 dB(A)