Vario 18 Suction Pump


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What are the differences in flow and vacuum in the Vario pumps?

  Flow [l/min.] Vacuum [kpa/mmHg]
Vario 18 18 -75 / -563
Vario 18 c/i 18 -55 / -413

What are the dimensions [mm] of all types of Vario pumps?

380 x 170 x 285
height including filter and 90° coupling piece: 440

What is the power consumption of Vario pumps?

AC versions 90 (70 for 100-120V version AC)
AC / DC versions 80

What is the noise level of Vario pumps?

Measured at 1m distance in a representative room at Medela:
51.2 dB(A)