Disposable Collection, Fluid Collection

Disposable Collection System

Easy to use and hygienic

Fluid collection must be hygienic and user-friendly while remaining economical. Medela’s Disposable Collection System comes with only two liner sizes and thus reduces logistical requirements.

The one-piece liner is simply placed in the canister. Liner can be removed from canister independtly from vacuum tubing. Logistical requirements are reduced by having only two liner sizes: 1500 and 2500cc's.
All liners have built-in safety features:
overflow protection/bacteria filter, pre-filter and a non-return valve to prevent back-flow. 

fluid collection, disposable, canister

Color Coded Canisters

Orange liners go into orange canisters, and yellow liners into yellow canisters.

fluid collection, disposable, lid

Disposable Lid

Connected to the liner. Includes overflow protection, filters and handles. 

fluid collection, disposable

Disposable Liner

Disposable liners may be purchased with or without solidifier.