Dominant Flex, Surgical Suction, Vacuum, Pump

Dominant Flex Suction Pump

  • High Vacuum -95kPa, -713mmHg
  • High Flow 40, 50, 60 l/min
  • Power 100-120VAC, 150W, 60Hz
  • Weight - Pump 20.5 lbs (Rack version)
  • Weight - Trolley 20.7 lbs
  • Dimensions - Pump 8.2" H x 12.0" W x 14.7" D (Rack version)
  • Dimensions - Trolley 26.4" x 19.3" x 8.7" (shipping)


Strength, Speed, Silence

With the Dominant Flex you can now be flexible and perform more applications with just one pump. The standard flow rate of 50 l/min is an ideal starting point for most procedures. Press the 60 l/min button for faster vacuum build-up, and the 40 l/min button delivers quiet operation.

  • Piston/Cylinder System - low working speed, quiet, low strain on movable parts, minimum maintenance
  • Quiet drive system
  • Rapid vacuum setting
  • Five year warranty
  • Protection against electric shock Class I
  • Most popular format for this pump is the mobile model 

Mobile, Dominant Flex

Dominant Flex Mobile

Pump and trolley
Dominant Flex, Rack

Dominant Flex Rack

Pump only
Portable, Dominant Flex

Dominant Flex Portable

Integrated handle

We call it SSSuction. Strength Speed Silence

strong vacuum, strength


 As strong as
nature allows

Medela's Dominant Flex reaches peak suction strength at 94% of absolute vacuum.
speed, suction per second


Superfast ramp-up

Our innovative Membrane Vacuum Regulator quickly builds suction strength, from 0 to -60 kPa in 4.6 seconds.
speed, suction per second


Quiet as a
summer night

Even at maximum vacuum settings, the Dominant Flex still operates at less than 50 decibels!

Basic & Dominant Flex Overview

Watch this informative overview on our Basic & Dominant Flex suction pumps. Visit our WebRep for more resources.



The Dominant Flex can be used for general suction or as a backup to wall suction in the hospital.

Application Details