Dominant Flex, Surgical Suction, Vacuum, Pump

Basic Suction Pump

  • High Vacuum -90Pa, -675mmHg
  • High Flow 30 l/min
  • Power 100-120VAC, 110W, 60Hz
  • Weight - Pump 20.5 lbs (Rack version)
  • Weight - Trolley 20.7 lbs
  • Dimensions - Pump 8.3" H x 12.0" W x 14.8" D (Rack version)
  • Dimensions - Trolley 26.4" x 19.3" x 8.7" (shipping)

Sophisticated Simplicity

Medela's 50+ years of experience in medical vacuum led us to refine the drive unit in the Basic Suction Pump. The cylinders' heat-resistant high-tech material supports long-lasting, dependable operation. A flat spring with patented technology is just one of the many features integrated into this pump.
  • Piston/Cylinder System - results in low working speed, quiet, low strain on movable parts, minimum maintenance
  • Rapid vacuum build-up
  • Quiet drive system
  • Precise vacuum
  • Five year warranty
  • Protection against electric shock Class I
  • Most popular format for this pump is the portable model 

Mobile, Basic Pump

Basic Mobile

Pump and trolley
Basic Pump, Rack

Basic Rack

Pump only
Portable, Basic

Basic Portable

Integrated handle

Basic & Dominant Flex Introduction

Watch this informative introduction on our Basic & Dominant Flex suction pumps. Visit our WebRep for more resources.



The Basic Suction Pump provides reliable high-power vacuum for a variety of applications in hospitals, clinics and medical practices.

Application Details